Want to Roll With DCRD? Join us every first Wednesday of the month.




All of the Glory! None of the Bruises!

For men and women not wanting to compete, we’re looking for dedicated individuals who are interested in joining our ref and stats crews. Wear the stripes
or master the clipboard and keep us rowdy rollergirls in line!

Referees and stat crew members may be male or female, age 18+. Basic skating skills are preferred for those interested in reffing and we’ll teach you the rest! For more information on how to become a ref or stat crew member please contact us.


Wanna Rock, but NOT Roll?

Are you ready to be a part of something new and exciting, but not sure about the whole skating thing? Well, stop worrying…DCRD is always looking for volunteers to join our amazing family. You don’t even have to know anything about the sport to get involved! We depend on the support of our non-rolling crews and welcome anyone willing to help. Contact us to find out more information and come join the fun!!


Email our “Fresh Meat” committee for more information on our “Fresh Meat” program, including weekly practice times and how to begin your training.