I’m a small girl/large lady. Can I play roller derby?
If you’re petite, don’t be intimidated! Smaller skaters are usually fast on their feet and make great jammers. They can easily maneuver and fit through small holes in the pack. Bigger girls are great blockers because they are hard to push around the track and can give hard hits. Not to mention, training for roller derby will put you in amazing shape.

Photo by: Jeff Higgins

Is there an age requirement to play roller derby?
Most leagues, like Demolition City Roller Derby, require skaters to be at least 18 years old and some require that skaters be over 21. It depends on the individual league’s policy, state and local laws, and the insurance coverage the league subscribes to.  The best thing to do is ask your local league what its policy is.

What equipment do I need?
To participate you will need a pair of quad “speed style” roller skates and full protective gear including knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards, a helmet, and mouth guard. It is important to get good quality gear rated for lots of impact! For new skaters beginning “Fresh Meat”, the league offers skate and equipment (except mouth guard) rental for the duration of the program.

How much time will it take?
Playing roller derby for DCRD is lots of fun but it also takes a certain level of dedication and competitiveness to succeed. Practices, scrimmages, bouts, fundraisers, and other events for the league can be a significant time commitment. All skaters are expected to make minimum attendance requirements each month and because DCRD is a skater owned and operated league, members do all league planning, promoting, and coordinating. However, being part of such a dynamic group of strong women is very rewarding and for many it becomes a life changing experience. We take this sport seriously but we have a blast doing it!

How much will it cost?
The biggest expenses in roller derby are the initial purchase of equipment and monthly league dues. To reduce costs for skaters DCRD holds regular fundraisers and seeks sponsors.

Where does DCRD hold practices and home bouts?
DCRD currently holds its practices on an indoor sport court track at Evansville’s premier indoor sports complex, Metro Sports Center.

One of the most unique roller derby bout venues, downtown’s historic Veterans Memorial Coliseum, is the proud home of DCRD’s Dynamite Dolls and Destruction Dames.