Not Your Mama’s Roller Derby!

In 2003 a group of Austin, TX ladies made history. Forming the only league of its kind, flat track roller derby was born with the Texas Rollergirls. As of today, there are over 1,300 women’s flat track leagues worldwide with more popping up all the time. Gone are the choreographed hits and staged theatrics of the ’70s roller derby your parents grew up with. Flat track roller derby is a fast-paced, hard hitting, competitive sport taking the world by storm.

The blood, sweat and bruises are real and we’re like nothing you’ve ever seen!


How the Game is Played

The Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (also known as “WFTDA” or “woof-ta”) creates and maintains a formal set of rules that govern the sport of flat track roller derby. For the complete rule set, check out The Rules of Flat Track Roller Derby.

Just want to know the basics? Check out this “Roller Derby 101” video from WTFDA!